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Rollable Doublesided Textile Styling Mat + Storage bag | Toile + taupe

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Color: front of the mat is toile blue/senape/magenta/grey
back of the mat is faux taupe leather

Doublesided, rollable styling mat for photographers or small business owners who need to showcase their product on a colored but neutral surface. 
In the details:

•These textile mats drastically improve the quality of your pictures. Use them to photograph wedding invitation, stationery, jewelry, paper goods, jewelry, textiles.

•Our mats are rollable, easy to transport and are shipped with a hard cardboard tube to roll them around 

•Our mats come with a textile storage bag

Please, keep in mind that colors may appear different depending on your monitor color calibration. Colors in pictures will also vary slightly based on the lighting and camera settings.

All mats in the store are handmade and handsewed, each item will look a little different from the next.
There are no two items in our shop that look exactly the same! Even if the fabric and color palette is the same, the unique patterning of colors will always make each item beautifully different.

I’d love to connect with you and see the beautiful pictures you can take using the mat! Don’t hesitate to follow me on Instagram @theflatlaysstyler and share your creations!

NOTE: no other props except the styling mat are included in the listing

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Canvas, Acrylic paint

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Care Instructions

Store in a dry place.

Do not fold the mat, always roll it around the paper tube and tissue paper provided, painted side on the inside, and store it in the fabric sleeve.

When stored, do not stack objects on top of it as it might cause permanent creases in the paint. If minor creases appear, you can iron the back side without steam and using the lowest temperature setting. However, do not rely on this method too often as it may reduce your mat's durability.

Do not machine wash the mat. If stain occurs, use a towel or a damp cloth/rug. You can also use a soft-bristle brush to clean it. Do not use soap, stain remover or too much water.

The mat is not food safe. Do not put food that you might eat later directly in contact with the painted surface.